BESS Exhibition Easel

BESS Exhibition Easel: Engendering Flexibility – Exhibition + Partition


CPP Architecture Interim Exhibition, 2010
BESS- Sustainability Symposium Poster Exhibition, 2010

DESCRIPTION: Flexibility is key when it comes to furniture for a school of architecture. In preparation for BESS 2010, the High Performance Building Enclosures Practical Sustainability Symposium, the design of this easel is purposefully multi-functional. The design consists of two interlocking frames that slide together, providing the easel with adjustable heights that can suit a variety of purposes. It can perform as a poster stand, a pinup wall for design exhibitions as well as a desk partition for architecture students. The design and specifications of the BESS Easel were used by the Building Construction course. The easel allowed undergraduate architecture students to learn steel construction fabrication techniques. In total, 17 units were fabricated by the class and are currently being utilized in the Interim Design Center for both desk partitions and design exhibitions.

BESS Diagram BESS-Easel_Functionality

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