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Licensed Architect, State of Utah, #10785107-0301

Certification, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), #93662

Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA)


7.2018 –  present    Architect,  Lombard Conrad Architects, Boise, ID

Significant Architectural Projects:


  • Lifeways Mental Health Crisis Center, Caldwell, ID (4,400 gsf).
  • Luke’s Medical Office Building TI, Nampa, ID (105,000 gsf).
  • Alphonsus Medical Center – Nampa Cancer Care and IVT Remodel/Linear Accelerator Addition (11,000 gsf).


  • Idaho Central Credit Union Branch, Moscow, ID (4,800 gsf).
  • Idaho Central Credit Union Branch, Shelley, ID (3,300 gsf).
  • Federal TI, Boise, ID (100,000 gsf).


  • White Pine County Justice Center and Courthouse, Ely, NV


  • Washington Elementary School, Boise, ID – Feasibility Study (16,500 gsf)

6.2013 –  6.2018     Associate, Project Manager, Architect,  VCBO Architecture, Salt Lake City, UT

Significant Architectural Projects:


  • Memphis Tennessee Temple Renovation (11,000 gsf).
  • Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple Renovation (11,000 gsf).
  • Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple Renovation (11,000 gsf).
  • Raleigh North Carolina Temple Renovation (11,000 gsf).
  • 99-2/40 Temple Standard Plan Development (11,000 gsf).
  • Utah Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 300-3 (15,695 gsf).
  • Los Angeles Temple Architectural Design Guide (ADG). Los Angeles, CA (190,600 gsf).
  • 2 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 230 (1,770 gsm, 19,050 gsf).
  • 2 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 170 addition (250 gsm, 2,700 gsf).
  • 1 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 230 (1,920 gsm, 20,670 gsf).
  • 1 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 170 addition (440 gsm, 4,740 gsf).
  • San Diego California Temple renovation. San Diego, CA
  • Chile Santiago Temple remodel. Santiago, Chile.
  • 2 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 170 (1,520 gsm, 16,360 gsf).
  • 2 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 130 addition (350 gsm, 3,770 gsf).
  • 2 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 130 (1,170 gsm, 12, 600 gsf).
  • Rome Temple Complex Meetinghouse. Rome, Italy (1,500 gsm, 16,150 gsf). Project role(s):
  • 1 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 170 (1,480 gsm, 15, 930 gsf).
  • 1 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 130 addition (420 gsm, 4,520 gsf).
  • 1 Story European Meetinghouse Prototype, Standard Plan Series 130 (1,060 gsm, 11,410 gsf).


  • ExecutiveBusiness Education Building, University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT (148,000 gsf).
  • Snow College Science Building. Ephraim, UT (56,800 gsf).
  • Extended Education Building, University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT


  • Rome Temple Complex Visitor Center. Rome, Italy (2,500 gsm, 26,910 gsf).
  • Light of the World Event Center. Lehi, UT (75,000 gsf).


  • Wasatch County Aquatic Center. Heber, UT (41,267 gsf).


  • EMC Office Building. Draper, UT (104,100 gsf).
  • doTerra Worldwide Campus Call Center. Pleasant Grove, UT.


  • TAC Air Hangar, Salt Lake City, UT (25,600 gsf).

12.2012 – 3.2013    Intern Architect – Healthcare Studio, Smith Group | JJR, Washington, DC

Significant Architectural Projects

  • Genesis HealthCare Medical Center, Zanesville, OH (192,000 gsf [new construction], 177,000 gsf [expansion], $160 million)

5.2012 – 8.2012      Intern Architect, Lemay, Erickson, Willcox Architects, Reston, VA

Significant Architectural Projects

  • Baileys Crossroads Volunteer Fire Station, Baileys Crossroads, VA (16,900 gsf, $11.5 million)
  • Shreveport Ridge Apartments, Loudoun County, VA
  • Reston Presbyterian Church, Reston, VA (10,800 gsf, est. $3.2 million)

1.2011 – 6.2011      Project Assistant, Energy Services – Facilities Management & Planning, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Pomona, CA

Significant Project Accomplishments

  • Advanced energy saving project efforts which encompassed research, proposals, presentations, audits, and updating campus as-built plans
  • Active research initiatives and project proposals include an estimated savings of over 3.8 million kWh of energy and $500,000 (15 year project life; simple payback 3.9 years)
  • Successfully monitored and collected monthly utility meter data for campus

7.2008 – 2.2011      Green Campus Team Manager / Project Coordinator, Alliance to Save Energy, Cal Poly Pomona, CA

Significant Project Related Accomplishments

  • Effectively facilitated student-led energy projects encompassing research, proposals, presentations, audits, marketing, and development
  • Successfully managed project efforts that reap an impressive actual and projected savings: 3.5 million kWh of energy; 6.9 million gallons of water; $640,000; 4,300 metric tons of CO2 emissions
  • Focused team leadership tripled program savings, doubled marketing efforts, & increased media citations and publicity threefold
  • Diligently fostered awareness of environmental stewardship to tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff through events, training, publications, and outreach
  • Designed, developed, promoted, and maintained program’s website that now averages 200 hits per month
  • Created lasting partnerships and bridged communication gaps through collaboration with top university administrators

5.2007 – 8.2007      Intern – Designer, Planning Department, Lusardi Construction Company, San Marcos, CA

Significant Architectural Projects

  • Tower of the Hills Parking Structure, Austin, TX
  • Hacienda Professional Center, Vista, CA
  • Single-family Residential Subdivision Feasibility Study, Driggs, ID (153 acres)
  • Clifford Companies, Fontana, CA (96,400 gsf)

4.2005 – 5.2007      Intern Architect, Comstock and Kaufman Architecture and Planning, Del Mar, CA

Significant Architectural Projects

  • Garrett Residence, Escondido, CA (5,775 gsf)
  • Dignitary Downs Equestrian Master Plan, Anza, CA (600 acres)
  • Dyson Residence, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  • Schwall Residence – Rancho Cielo Estate, Rancho Santa Fe, CA (5,775 gsf)
  • Wright Residence, Solana Beach, CA
  • Snyder Residence, Del Mar, CA

6.2006                       Accessibility Surveyor, Moore Iacofano Goltsman (MIG), San Diego, CA

Significant Architectural Projects

  • San Diego State University ADA Transition Plan



 9.2011 – 10.2011    Exhibit Consultant, College of Architecture & Planning / Vivian Ronay, CUA, Washington, DC

“Sacred Spaces” Photography Exhibition     (Designed exhibition layout, promotional graphics, and print materials for the Transcending Architecture: Aesthetics and Ethics of the Numinous symposium)

4.2010 – 4.2011      Design Consultant, Michael Fox & Juintow Lin /College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona, CA

“BESS Poster Exhibition Easel Design” (Furniture design and specifications of poster easels for BESS 2010 & 2011: High Performance Building Enclosures Practical Sustainability Symposium30 units fabricated by undergraduate architecture students)

2.2010 – 3.2010      Design Consultant, Luis G. Hoyos, San Dimas, CA

“Payne House Carport Addition by John Lautner” (Historical building analysis for compliance with wind and seismic codes)

5.2009                       Commissioned Work, Associated Students Inc., Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA

“Bronco Student Center” (Commissioned watercolor and ink rendering of new addition to the BSC as a gift for ASI Executive Director; 18” x 36”)

6.2008                       Design Consultant, Private Owner, Highland, CA

“Benjamin House Addition” (Schematic design elevation and massing studies for addition)

1.2008 – 2.2008      Design Consultant, Thresh|Hold Climbing and Fitness, Riverside, CA

“Thresh|Hold Climbing and Fitness” (Space planning, schematic design of office, lounge, and fitness areas)

4.2006                       Design Consultant, Residential Design Specifying Interiors (RDSI), Del Mar, CA

Miscellaneous projects (Built and analyzed various massing models for structural understanding and renderings. Hand-drafted interior construction details)

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