Figure 1- Methods Diagram revised 2




Ro, Brandon. Gendered Sacred Space: Hermeneutical Messages from Christianity. Book manuscript presenting manifestations and interpretations of gendered sacred space in the Christian tradition over the past 1,700 years.

Ro, Brandon. One Eternal Round: Temple, Cosmos, History. Book manuscript exploring theological intersections between sacred architecture, the Zodiacal constellations, and episodes of sacred history found within Mormonism and the broader Judeo-Christian milieu.

Ro, Brandon. Holiness to the Lord: The Sacred Architecture of Latter-day Saint Temples. Book manuscript that compares the architectural morphology of Latter-day Saint temples against other religious traditions synchronically and then charts their evolution diachronically over time to produce a critical history of temple architecture.

Ro, Brandon. Extraordinary Encounters with Catholic Sacred Architecture,” Journal article to be submitted to the Journal of Sacred Architecture investigating survey results of transformative human encounters in Catholic sacred architecture.

Ro, Brandon. “Blending the Subjective and Objective Realms of Sacred Architecture: Creating a Comparative Framework for Evaluating Ritual Contexts,” article identifying methods to assist architects and researchers in evaluating the experiential potency of sacred spaces through the use of hermeneutics, surveys, graphical analysis, and statistics.

Ro, Brandon. “Space + Experience in the Temple: Theatrical Modes of Presenting the Endowment Ritual,” article examining the evolution of architectural and theatrical methods used to present the Latter-day Saint temple endowment ritual over a span of 180 years.

Ro, Brandon. “(Re)interpreting Jerusalem’s Sacred Ceremonial Center: A Look at the Temple’s Symbolic Ideology from a Morphological Perspective,” article utilizing comparative methods from historians of religion to (re)interpret the Jerusalem Temple as a ceremonial center and identify the unique interrelationships between architecture (form), religion (ideals), ritual (function), culture (tradition), and environment (geography).

Ro, Brandon. “Turning Towards the Lord: Latter-day Saint Temple Astroarchitectural Orientation.” Journal article utilizing research methods from archaeoastronomy to map the physical orientation of a building and its architectural features. Over 150 temples case studies are examined in this manner to produce a more precise mapping of orientation preference and its theological interpretation.

Ro, Brandon. “Towards an Architecture of Continuity or Discontinuity: Integrating the Identity of the Temple into a Global Context.” Paper outlining the religio-political implications of architectural design and site selection of Latter-day Saint temples throughout a global context.