L’ Hotel di Palladio Finale


L’ Hotel di Palladio Finale

Grand Canal, Venice, Italy
15,000 sf

DESCRIPTION: L’Hotel di Palladio Finale is a 5 story building on the Grand Canal in Venice, approximately 15,000 square feet and was designed in the classical language of architecture under the mentorship of Andrea Palladio. This project consists of a single apartment with a roof top terrace, nine hotel rooms of varying sizes, a restaurant serving 70-80 people, a bar serving the restaurant and accessible from the hotel lobby, a coffee shop (cafe/bar), a gelato shop, and an entrance lobby. The site is in Venice, Italy on the campiello located between the Strada Nuovo and the Grande Canal adjacent to the Ca d’Oro and the Palazzo Sagredo. A dock for vaporettos, working the Grand Canal, is directly in front of the campiello.

STUDIO: Advisors: Arthur Hacker – Cal Poly Pomona, Fall 2009

Proportion Diagram.JPG

Building Elevations.JPG

Building Sections.JPG