Living Cycles of Ephemeral City

Living Cycles of Ephemeral City: Restoring Ecology and Community

Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, CA
9 units per acre, 400 acre Master Plan


DESCRIPTION: Come away on an adventure and find a breath of freedom in the heart of Ephemeral City. Focused on bioremediation and healthy living, the heart of Ephemeral City is called Living Cycles. It is organized using multiple vertical layers that consist of ecologies and human living. PURIFICATION of air, water, and land is performed on the ground plane through a rejuvenating marshland and carbon sequestering forest. Visitors and residents traverse along floating paths which open up the mind for new DISCOVERY. Temples of living create a vertical housing environment that instills feelings of physical ACHIEVEMENT. Bathrooms and living spaces look out into natural ecologies. A social JOURNEY commences on the highways to greenways. These elevated walkways are planted with native costal vegetation and inspire friendly conversation and exercise. At the connecting pathway nodes, temples of learning teach vertical agriculture. Both here and on the temple of living rooftops, vertical gardens promote familial and communal SYNERGY for subsistence. All of these layers merge natural ecologies and urban infrastructure in a symbiotic fashion. Ephemeral City’s Living Cycles is restoring life into ecology and humanity. This is the essence of the good life!

STUDIO: Advisors: Irma Ramirez and Andy Wilcox – Cal Poly Pomona / Walt Disney Imagineering, Winter 2010

Walt Disney Imagineering Jury Prize, 2010
CPP Architecture Interim Exhibition, 2010
BESS- Sustainability Symposium Poster Exhibition, 2010
Spring Green Expo Exhibit, 2010

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