Bronco Student Center – Watercolor Rendering

Bronco Student Center-watercolor.JPG

Bronco Student Center – Watercolor Rendering

Client: Associated Students Inc (Gift for Executive Director)
Medium: Ink and watercolor
Size: 18” x 36”

The process of creating the following rendering of the Bronco Student Center (BSC) at Cal Poly Pomona posed several challenges. The first challenge was to capture both the original and new additions to the building accurately. Second was to create a perspective from a vantage point that was physically impossible to create from a photograph since another building was physically in the way. Thus, the BSC watercolor rendering consisted of the following steps:

  1. BIM modeling of original and new addition to BSC from as-built plans
  2. Pencil drawing and sketches on watercolor paper of building and entourage
  3. BIM rendering and shadow studies produced for reference
  4. Watercolor applied to building and entourage
  5. Ink pen applied for final details

Below are some of the process images from the BIM modeling stages.


BSC perspective dwg-line drawing

BSC perspective dwg-shadedPerspective View