ECO_plexity Luminaire

ECOplexity Luminaire: Just one Torchiere Lamp can make a Difference



3rd Place- DLF Lesley Wheel Memorial Scholarship, 2009
Los Angeles Lumen West Awards Banquet Project Exhibition, 2009
College of Environmental Design Gallery Exhibition, 2009

DESCRIPTION: We’ve all seen them: the 300w halogen torchiere floor lamp, a fixture common in dorm rooms and homes all over the world. Why build a better torchiere? The answer is simple. As the world energy demand increases, sustainable and energy efficient lighting is required. ECO_plexity is the new and and improved torchiere lamp. A design inspired from the tropical bamboo forests of Hawaii, this lamp uses a double skin system to filter its light. The energy efficient design uses a 19 watt Compact Flourescent Bulb (CFL) instead of the typical 300 watt halogen bulb that normally accompanies torchiere lamps. This simple feature can save on average around 80 kWh per year. Over the lifespan of the CFL bulb this lamp can save over 720 kWh of energy, or roughly $100, and prevent as much as 1,140 lbs of greenhouse gases! Not only is energy efficiency a focus, but 85% of the lamps materials are derived from sustainable or easily renewable resources. ECO_plexity is our green solution to a new torchiere lamp.


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