Port of L.A. Visions: Reclaiming the Port of Los Angeles Waterfront

Port of LA Visions-Cover

Port of L.A. Visions: Reclaiming the Port of Los Angeles Waterfront

Published by California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 2010

Edited by Leonardo Micolta, Irma Ramirez, Brandon Ro
Book Layout by Leonardo Micolta and Brandon Ro

What of the dreams, imagination and fantasy that built Los Angeles? What of the truly unique ecologies and incredible wealth of cultural capital of the Los Angeles region? What is the nature of a port: arrival or departure, import or export, ceremonial or banal, transient or permanent? What ideas and spatial experience does a port create for travelers and non-travelers? What is a Port in Los Angeles?

Port of L.A. Visions is a book documenting the interdisciplinary design process and solutions to re-envision how the port of Los Angeles and waterfront can be reclaimed through bioremediation and new development. The book is a result of the Bobby Brooks memorial interdisciplinary design studio – a collaboration between Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Environmental Design and Walt Disney Imagineering – and serves as a published archive of student work.

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