Vancouver Museum of Antiquities – Student Projects

Below are examples of several student design projects from ARC 3210 – Architecture Design Studio IV which was taught at Utah Valley University during the Spring 2022 semester. The focus of the studio dealt with issues of architectural programming and context.

The Museum of Antiquities is a 50,000-square-foot structure designed to house a private collection of rare books and artifacts.  The program includes various permanent and visiting galleries, administration spaces, public spaces (museum store), restaurant and dining areas, support spaces, and a performance/education/event center. It is located near the historic downtown and waterfront of Vancouver, Washington.

To learn more about the design brief and class, visit the link below:

Cassidy Johnson & Benjamin Varnell

Madison Rosser & Zachary Cooper

Elsie Arias & Blake Gneiting

Taylor Cherrington & Jordan Meyer

Jayne Lee & Steven Hawker