Ultimate Existence: An Urn ‘in memoriam’ of Donald Judd

Ultimate Existence: An Urn ‘in memoriam’ of Donald Judd


Published in Revista Márgenes Arquitectura, [Spain], 2012

DESCRIPTION: How do we honor and remember the dead? What is the essence of a human being’s character? “Ultimate Existence” is a funerary urn ‘in memoriam’ of the artist Donald Judd. The design strives for an atmospheric quality commemorating the character and work of the artist. It uses Judd’s formal language of solids, voids, and planes representing his affinity towards empirical minimalism, universal simplicity, and layered knowledge. The end goal is one of ultimate existence through experience and feeling. In the words of Judd, “Art is basically about our nature and our relationships and is only indirectly, through our ultimate relationship, that of existence, about the nature of the world.”

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