Invited Panelist for the 2022 Traditional Architecture Gathering

What is in store for the future of architectural education and the profession in the next decade, especially in light of recent breakthroughs in modern science? How can we build a lasting and beautiful world which uplifts and inspires the human spirit, promotes bodily healing, boosts cognition, and increases emotional well-being? How can institutional leadership on both sides of the Atlantic continue to support post-pandemic life with architecture that is restorative and beautiful? What developments can foster dynamic interdisciplinary collaboration to support the traditional movement in architecture and urbanism?

I’m excited to join the 2022 Traditional Architecture Gathering event this week as a panelist with other thought leaders, architects, educators, researchers, designers, urban planners, and activists to respond to these critical discussion points.  Notable leaders from around the world will include Leon Krier, Niko Salingaros, Robert Adam, Ann Sussman, Justin Shubow, Lucien Steil, Nir Buras, Don Ruggles, John Haigh, Michael Djordjevitch, Mark Ferguson, Richard Cameron, James McCrery, Matt McNicholas, and Andres Duany among others.

If you are interested in improving the built environment, creating meaningful places, and designing beautiful spaces, come and join the online event each day at 12pm EST (10am MST) from February 24-27.

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