ARC 4210 – Architecture Design Studio VI


Co-taught with Aliki Milioti, Ph.D.


Architectural design studio that continues collaboration with interdisciplinary consultants and the integration of building systems. Explores a complex architectural program and the associated client-user needs through interviews and interdisciplinary research methods. Follows a project-based approach with a final presentation to a professional jury.

Course Goals:

Students will design a comprehensive building proposal that includes several integrated systems including structures, HVAC, accessibility, egress, and building envelope.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the role of the built environment on the health, safety, and welfare of building occupants and demonstrate environmental stewardship through design
  • Understand the role of team-based collaboration between various disciplines and stakeholders throughout the architectural design process.
  • Ability to demonstrate synthesis of a complex program, client-user needs, regulatory requirements, site conditions, and accessible design.
  • Ability to make design decisions that integrate building envelope systems, life-safety systems, environmental control systems, structural systems, and assemblies of building construction.

NAAB Program & Student Criterion addressed:

  • PC.2: Design
  • PC.3: Ecological Knowledge and Responsibility
  • PC.6: Leadership and Collaboration
  • PC.7: Learning and Teaching Culture
  • SC.1: Health, Safety, and Welfare in the Built Environment
  • SC.3: Regulatory Context
  • SC.4: Technical Knowledge
  • SC.5: Design Synthesis
  • SC.6: Building Integration


Click on the links below to download specific course documents.

  • Syllabus / Course Schedule (PDF)
  • PROJECT 1: UVU School of Architecture 
    • Design Brief
    • Pre-Design Phase
    • Schematic Design Phase
    • Design Development Phase
  • PROJECT 2: Olympus Elementary School 
    • Design Brief
    • Pre-Design Phase
    • Schematic Design Phase
    • Design Development Phase