Technological Modes of Making Architecture

Earlier last month I was privileged to present the following peer-reviewed paper titled “Technological Modes of Making Architecture” during the 2020 Intermountain Engineering, Technology and Computing (IETC) Conference in Orem, Utah on October 2, 2020. Below are links to watch the presentation and read the full paper.

ABSTRACT: Architecture is a historical and cultural production tied to technological advances. This paper explores technology’s effect on three different modes of making architecture (pre-mechanical, mechanical, digital) and their associated modes of visual recognition (handmade, machine made, digitally made). It especially makes note of the architectural challenges tied to the current information age and digital culture. The paper concludes with solutions on how to bridge the gaps between the physical and digital realms.


CITATION: Brandon R. Ro. “Technological Modes of Making Architecture.” In Proceedings of the 2020 Intermountain Engineering, Technology and Computing (IETC) Conference, pp. 82-87. (Orem, UT: IEEE, 2020).

Accepted version of paper is available online: