Memphis Tennessee Temple

Memphis Tennessee Temple

Memphis Temple Rendering. © Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Memphis Tennessee Temple

DESCRIPTION: The Memphis Tennessee Temple was originally built in 2000. The newly renovated 10,890 square foot temple consists of a 1-story structure framed with wood and steel with an exterior clad in a light beige limestone. A comprehensive precedent study was performed to realign the exterior and interior with the historic and classical architecture found in the southeast United States. The complete interior has been redesigned to improve the overall functionality of ordinance and support spaces, incorporate local floral motifs, and increase the spatial volume of key areas of the temple. The exterior has also been redesigned to improve the building envelope along with the overall massing, entry, and tower design. Site improvements and new landscaping are also included in the project scope. Beyond classical ornament, local motifs related to the area include the stringed lyre, lazy-eight, and the pawpaw and infinity bell flowers.

Architect of Record: VCBO Architecture
Client: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Size: 10,890 gsf; site development 6.35 acres
Status: Completed 2019

“This particular temple got a triple blessing in all that was done to it, including more interior space with the elevated ceilings, an entirely new texture and appearance on the exterior, and beautifully improved grounds…In a demandingly short period of time, this temple has been turned into a classic…it is stunningly beautiful.”

— Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Memphis Temple - 3D Printed Model

Memphis Temple – 3D Printed Model

CONTRIBUTIONS: Project Manager, Client Liaison, and Design Lead through SD, DD, CD, CA phases; BIM model collaboration/management; discipline coordination; presentation drawings, diagrams, and graphics for external client/stakeholder meetings


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