Rancho Santa Fe Residence


Rancho Santa Fe Residence

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Architect: Comstock & Kaufman Architecture and Planning
5,775 gsf
Status: Complete

DESCRIPTION: Sitting on the crest of one of San Diego County’s tallest peaks in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, this two-story Tuscan home was designed to import the all encompassing and magnificent views. A narrow two-story “Street” divides the public and private functions of the house and serves as the gathering area for chance encounters with visitors. Several clerestory windows high above the Street cast light patterns along the walls and constantly change with the time of day. The landscape follows principles of xeroscape and sets the stage for a beautiful south facing rear yard with spectacular views of San Diego County and Mexico in the distance.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Design collaboration during SD and DD phases; created architectural CAD base working drawings for interior and exterior elevations